Manifesto or Self promise

I AM continuously unfolding to my peace and realization, through springing passion and curiosity.

My spirituality is grounding and connecting. Though I take full responsibility for living freely and in harmony.

Who Are We

We are Sophie & Damian, Yoga and meditation practitioners & teachers. We work with individuals and small groups on their spiritual journeys, with an embodied approach from the Ascent to the Descent into the World.

Our dream project to open a private retreats in deep connexion with the Earth to support deep transformation and embodiment of spirituality into people’s life is finally becoming reality as we just acquired a B&B and settled in Umbria “il cuore verde d’Italia”, the green heart if Italy. You can find us on the Facebook page of Dolce Farnetta B&B and, as we slowly make this place our own and yours.

Sophie Laurent

I am an embodied-spirituality teacher hooked on life’s beautiful messy reality. I wish to bring this vibration of freedom in people’s living experience, starting and coming back to the body.

I have dedicated myself to teaching Yoga in various forms for now seven years (Hatha yoga, Gitananda yoga, yin yoga, restorative, Nidra) and live closely to non-dual philosophies of Advaita Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism and Shri Vidya. The all encompassing approach of the Tantric teachings makes my Heart and cells vibrate the most.

I studied and have a dedicated practice of breathing and pranayama in my own journey, along with Trauma Healing and nervous system restoration principles, so they became naturally part of my work.

Originated from a scientific and corporate background I worked previously as nutrition & food engineer and project manager. I got to work a bit with leaders, men & women, who have a vision to ignite a positive change in their organizations. But I would say that what I enjoy the most is to touch people’s heart by the vibration of words and beauty as I explore my own Art.

“My work is a slow & powerful reconnection to what makes us Humans, our feelings. It is a re-sensitization while creating safety in the body to experience and unpack the totality of our Human experience. A slow accessing of our Truth in every cell that makes the body vibrant and alive. This process leads to the realization of our cosmic body in all its nuances. This to me is ultimate freedom, the embodiment of the Absolute. My work is both an Ascent and Descent all at once, in the permanent breath or pulse of life, the communication between our Earthy and Cosmic realities.”

Damian Konieczka

Damian is a Yoga, Vedanta philosophy, meditation and pranayama enthusiast and teacher. He uses yoga practices and philosophy to help individuals move past their blocks on the spiritual path and therefore in life. He wishes to inspire and bring out the persons' individual potential and creativity, the students' very talent.

Despite being a philosophy teacher he is a free thinker who challenges old mindsets, primarily through meditation and mind management.

When working with individuals, he uses Reiki and prana vidya as a support. Damian leads private sessions or small groups focusing on transforming and understanding anger, and freeing from sects and control groups.

He is also a passionate writer. His topics are: meditation and its most common misconceptions, mind and psychology, philosophy and religion and their impact on minds fundamental beliefs. Often very sharp and thought-provoking.

As a Yoga teacher he holds his 2 year Yoga Philosophy and Meditation diploma as well as 500 hours YTTC, both completed in India. He studied and served in Paramanand Yoga Institute Ashram in India from 2018 to 2020. For two years he could focus on his own exploration, teach and support teachers and future teachers, and serve as an assistant teacher of Yoga Therapy.

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“Everything starts in our center, Hridayam, the Here and Now. By healing and caring for ourselves now we heal our world, past present and future, from our closed family and work circles to our global communities” - Sophie Laurent

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